The Can-Ice Glide Masters product line is a cost effective, double sided alternative to the Can-Ice Pro Series panels at at a more affordable price point. The Glide Masters are offered in two options: a 2’x2′ tile at 1/4″ thick and a 4’x4′ panel with a thickness of 3/8″. Both options are a double sided true synthetic ice surface and are the perfect solution for anyone who is serious about taking their training to the next level.

CAN-ICE Glide Masters Synthetic Ice Tiles

The Can-Ice Glide Masters 4’x4′ panels are a new product derived from the great success of our Glide Masters 2’x2′ tiles. This amazing product has all the benefits of the Glide Masters tiles but are more suitable for larger areas designed for commercial/industrial use because these panels are thicker at 3/8″ providing a lifespan between 5-7 years (based upon use and care). The Can-Ice Glide Masters panels are the perfect portable solution for anyone who is serious about taking their training to the next level. All you need to start building the training center of your dreams is a firm and flat surface, like most garages and basements. Take advantage of our introductory pricing now, while supplies last!

**OFF SEASON SALES ON NOW!** Glide Masters 4’X4′ panels

Glide Masters 4’x4′ Panels

$295.00 CAD each

Our lowest price of all time!


$199.00 USD each

Our lowest price of all time!


A beautiful stack of 4’x4′ Glide Master panels shown here.

Glide Masters comparison

2′ x 2′  vs.  4′ x 4′ 

This photo shows the size of the GlideMaster 4’x4′ panel in relation to the 2’x2′ tile.

THICKNESS: Glide Masters 1/4″ vs 3/8″

This photo shows the two thicknesses of the GlideMaster products: The 4’x4′ panel at 3/8″ thick in relation to the GlideMaster 2’x2′ tile at 1/4″ thick.

A photo from a scene in The Bachelor in Paradise Canada, showing a couple skating on our Can-Ice Glide Masters product line!


Check out this sweet Can-Ice Glide Masters 2’x2′ tiles setup on this massive rink at Scarborough Towne Centre. Video credit to Alexei Morita, wow can he ever fly!!


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