Our purpose at CAN-ICE is to change the way the world skates.  Our goal is to bring the joy of ice skating to more people in more places than ever before and to provide the platform for maximizing skills development in ice skating and ice hockey.  CAN-ICE is all about removing barriers and limits on access to ice time so that more people can skate and every hockey player can build their skills to maximum potential.

See below the FAQ’s for our Pro Series Panels.

Our ice is ready-are you?  Let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

CAN-ICE Pro Series Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAN-ICE?

CAN-ICE is the next big thing in sports surfacing.   CAN-ICE is the result of focused research and development specific to making a synthetic surface that offers exceptional glide quality for skating and puck response for hockey.   For the first time there is a synthetic ice surface that was made for that purpose not adapted from “cutting board” technology.  CAN-ICE is made from UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) combined with special polymers to produce optimal performance and durability while eliminating the need for “glide enhancers” as with other systems.

How and where is CAN-ICE manufactured?

CAN-ICE is manufactured in a unique and proprietary process which ensures surface hardness, density and uniformity.  The CAN-ICE interlock system ensures a seamless fit between panels with maintenance of structural integrity while installed and in use. CAN-ICE is produced exclusively for CAN-ICE International at a state of the art facility in Florida.

What about installation?

CAN-ICE is easily installed without specialized tools or experience.   A rubber mallet is the only tool required during installation.  With panel sizes of 4’x5’ and 4’x10’ and weight of 37 and 75 pounds respectively, CAN-ICE is easy to install, remove and store as desired.

What kind of base is required?

For optimal performance and system integrity CAN-ICE should be installed only upon a level, firm surface such as concrete, asphalt, or compacted aggregate.   Base requirements are available for review and our team of experts is available to guide you through the process.

What about maintenance?

CAN-ICE requires little maintenance-simply keep the surface clean and free of debris to optimize the experience.  CAN-ICE does not peel or shave like other systems nor does it require application of “glide enhancers” to improve performance.  Maintenance guidelines are provided for all of our customers.

Where can the surface be installed?

CAN-ICE can be installed indoors or out as either a permanent or removable skating surface.  CAN-ICE has storage pallets and transport systems available to enhance the conversion and storage of the CAN-ICE system.

What is skating on CAN-ICE like?

How does the puck respond? NHL players after using the CAN-ICE surface report that skating response is 85% that of fresh ice and 95-100% on puck response. We find that CAN-ICE is an excellent surface for introduction to skating for newcomers as it is simulates ice but accepts the novice as they learn while eliminating the concerns of cold, wet and abrasive ice.

How long will it last?

CAN-ICE is fully covered for three years on performance and materials.  As both sides of the CAN-ICE panel can be used and from proven performance of UHMW-PE in a wide variety of industrial expectations our expectations are of an 8-12 year life span per side.

How does it affect skate blades?

Unlike other synthetic ice products CAN-ICE does not dull skate blades prematurely.  Our user experience to date is that skate sharpening is similar to that of real ice and the preferences of the individual player as to sharpening frequency and radius.

Is it recyclable?

Yes!  CAN-ICE is fully recyclable at end of life and provides a true cradle to cradle utilization of materials.

What about rink lines and colors?

CAN-ICE is available in a variety of colors; our standards are polar white, chill blue and pond grey. Blue and red lines are available in full depth color.  And our product development team is in beta testing with permanent custom logos! Stay tuned.