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The best synthetic ice on the Planet!



I've skated on every type of synthetic surface for over 30 years.... Can-Ice is by far the best I've ever tried. It feels like real ice, great job Can-Ice!

- Elvis Stojko, 3x world figure skating champion


CAN-ICE is a synthetic ice surface that looks, feels and performs just like real ice, indoors and out. Endorsed by Hockey Canada, CAN-ICE synthetic ice is perfect for any hockey player or figure skater looking to be the best they can be, and have fun doing it. 

A primary goal of CAN-ICE is to provide greater and easier access to ice time for skill development.  We are passionate about skating and hockey and in giving more people the opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of both.  CAN-ICE gives young players and skaters a synthetic ice surface on which to play and practice 365 days a year. In these days of expensive and scarce ice-time, with CAN-ICE synthetic ice, kids can just lace up the skates and go… anytime they want.

Industry Leader

"Hockey Canada is endorsing CAN-ICE as our official supplier of synthetic ice. CAN-ICE can provide the young hockey player with a 12 month solution to develop their skating, puck control and shooting skills in the comfort of their own homes, without the maintenance of an outdoor rink."

- Paul Carson, VP of Development, Hockey Canada


Access to ice time is always a challenge.  Weather and seasonality limit the availability of natural ice outdoors while the capital expenditure and monthly operating costs make indoor rinks in short supply and high prices to access.

We share the passion to enhance the game and grow the sport. CAN-ICE provides the ultimate skating and puck handling experience. Easy to install and break down.  Easy to maintain.

 Our experience is in the game at the highest levels as well as the sports surfacing business for over 40 years.  Our goal is to support your research into the best product and value for your investment in your family or facility.  Please contact us today and let us know where you want to go on your "fresh sheet of ice!" 



Whether you are an NHL all-star or a minor hockey player, CAN-ICE has the solution for you to train in the comfort of your own home.


CAN-ICE is the number one choice for the world's best training centers, including the Enterprise Center for the Stanley Cup Champs St. Louis Blues.


As the only official synthetic ice of Hockey Canada, it's obvious why CAN-ICE continues to get the call for schools, parks, arenas and communities.


Meet our ownership

Danny Gare

Danny Gare

Partner / VP of Sales

Michael G. McGraw

Michael G. McGraw

Partner / President

Steven J. Wong

Steven J. Wong

Partner / Chief Operating Officer


If real ice is 100%, CAN-ICE is 95%. I did a lot of research and visited manufacturing factories because I wanted only the best... Sidney Crosby also bought CAN-ICE for his home and confirmed how great it is.

- Vincent Lecavalier

After I tried CAN-ICE, I wanted it for my home. I called Steven Wong and told him I am going to buy it for my basement to train on, saving me the time and money of going to the rink. It feels like real ice!

- Elvis Stojko


Have a question? Need help planning your dream setup? Our team of experts are here to help!


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Canada: 1-416-876-9664


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